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Where Are the Best Areas to Buy Properties in Dubai? (updated 2024)

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Curious about where people are renting and where are the best areas to buy properties in Dubai?

It can offer a gateway to potential investment opportunities and hidden gems that you haven’t considered exploring.

In this article, we present precisely that—a curated selection of Dubai’s most sought-after communities, coupled with some estimates of how much it will cost.

Whether you’re seeking high-growth potential, luxurious living, or rental-friendly areas, this compilation serves as your roadmap to staying ahead in the Dubai property market.

So, let’s dive into it.

How Much is Apartment and Villa in Dubai?

In Dubai, the cost of apartments and villas really varies depending on factors such as location, size, amenities, and developer.

According to DXB Interact, here’s a general overview of price ranges.

Dubai Property Medium Prices 2024

TypePricevs. 2023vs 2024
Off-plan ApartmentsAED 1.4 million+1%  +36.1%
Off-plan VillasAED 2.5 million+3.2%+40.5%
PlotsAED 5.9 million+14%+82.1%
Ready ApartmentsAED 1.1 million+7.2%+12.5%
Ready VillasAED 3.1 million+8.2%-9%
Source: DXB Interact Market Report May 2024

Remember, these are just ballpark figures as actual prices may vary based on market conditions, specific property features, and negotiation factors.

Now, let’s go deeper to the top communities.

Understanding these top areas not only confirms the appeal of already popular hotspots, but also unveils Dubai’s up-and-coming communities that may be more of a value.

Where are Investors Buying Properties in Dubai?

10 Best Areas To Buy Properties in Dubai 2024

 AreaSold PropertiesAverage Price
1Jumeirah Village Circle6,237AED 849.5K
2Business Bay4,042AED 1.5M
3Dubai Marina7,429AED 2.4M
4Dubai Maritime City2,204AED 1.7M
5Dubai Hills1,718AED 2.1M
6Jumeirah Lakes Towers1,711AED 1.3M
7Za’abeel First1,645AED 3.1M
8Arjan1,506AED 848K
9Dubai Sports City1,350AED 780K
10Meydan One1,241AED 622.2K
Source: fä As of May 2024

10 Best Areas To Buy Properties in Dubai 2024Apartments

 AreaSold ApartmentsAverage Price
1Jumeirah Village Circle5,968AED 835.1K
2Business Bay3,559AED 1.5M
3Dubai Marina2,354AED 2.4M
4Dubai Maritime City2,020AED 1.7M
5Za’abeel First1,645AED 3.1M
6Dubai Hills1,494AED 3.1M
7Arjan1,446AED 847.8K
8Jumeirah Lakes Towers1,375AED 1.3M
9Dubai Sports City1,350AED 770K
10Meydan One1,241AED 622.4K
Source: fä As of May 2024

10 Best Areas To Buy Properties in Dubai 2024Villa

 AreaSold VillasAverage Price
1Mudon558AED 2.9M
2Dubai South499AED 3.4M
3Villanova236AED 2.5M
4Emirates Living218AED 3.9M
5Dubai Hills205AED 10.9M
6Tilal Al Ghaf192AED 4.4M
7Jabal Ali First179AED 3.7M
8Wadi Al Safa 7163AED 929.7K
9Dubai Investment Park First149AED 1.2M
10Town Square143AED 2.3M
Source: fä As of May 2024

5 Best Areas to Buy Off-Plans in Dubai 2024

 Area# Off Plan Sold
1Jumeirah Village Circle4603
2Madinat Dubai Almelaheyah2550
3Business Bay2161
4MBR City2081
5Zaabeel First1635
Source: fä As of May 2024

Best Areas for Long-Term Rentals Q1 2024

When it comes to maximizing your rental income, some areas shine brighter than others.

Here are the top 5 communities where investors can expect to reap the highest rental yields this year.

5 Best Areas for Long-Term Rentals Returns

 Area# Off Contracts (New & Renewed)
1Dubai Investment Park10.02%
2International City9.37%
3Dubai Silicon Oasis9.35%
5Al Khali Heights9.13%
Source: AirDXB As of Q1 2024

5 Best Areas for Long-Term Rentals – Apartments

 Area# Off Contracts (New & Renewed)
1Marsa Dubai706
2Jabal Ali First231
3Business Bay203
4Burj Khalifa195
5Palm Jumeriah195
Source: AirDXB As of Q1 2024

5 Best Areas for Long-Term Rentals – Villas

 Area# Off Contracts (New & Renewed)
1Madinat Hind 4878
2Al Yelayiss 2296
3Al Yelayiss 1294
4Al Thanayah Fourth285
5Wadi Al Safa 7276
Source: AirDXB As of Q1 2024

These are just a few examples of the areas where investors are buying and renting out properties in Dubai.

Remember, the best investment spot for you really depends on what you’re after—whether it’s for your first home, a potential Airbnb rental, or something in between.

So before you decide, think about what you want out of your investment, how much you’re willing to spend, and how much risk you can handle.

Best Areas to Buy Properties in Dubai – Can I Afford Them?

Now we know where the top areas are right now and a ballpark of how much it will cost, we can hunt a little smarter.

Let’s explore how we can determine how much ‘home’ we can actually afford and keep an eye out for properties that align with our criteria.

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