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Best Websites to Find Properties in Dubai (Highest Traffic 2024)

best property websites in dubai

Dubai real estate comes with a lot of different choices, and there is certainly no shortage of property agents and websites to choose from. Before we dive into the best property websites in Dubai for some window shopping, first narrow down and be clear on your criteria and preferences. It will help you stay focused during your search journey.  

First: Narrow Your Property Criteria

To get started, make a list of your personal and financial criteria:

  1. Type of property: Villa, Apartment, or Off-Plan?
  2. Location. Which area?
  3. Distance from work and school
  4. Property price range (see how much you can afford)
  5. Ideal property size
  6. Must have home features (i.e. open kitchen, big backyard)
  7. Must have facilities? (i.e. pool, gym, children playground)
  8. Distance from groceries, malls, hospitals, beach, etc
  9. What’s the cash flow (if you are buying a property to rent it out)
  10. Potential appreciation

If you are buying the property to live in, are your criteria must-haves? Or they can move to your ‘nice-to-have’ list? Understanding your property needs will help you get a reality check because realistically, finding a property that ticks off every single feature will be impossible unless you have an unlimited budget.

What about investment properties? A high return on investment and functionality are probably the key criteria when investing in property to rent out. Can you handle the amount of repair work for the rental property? Will you hire someone to manage the property? These are extra costs to factor in.

Best Property Websites in Dubai 2024

Now that you have narrowed down your criteria, it’s time to look for a property. Typically, investors find properties through popular local real estate portals and agencies. Most of these property websites offer their value-added features with mortgage calculators, property reviews, and virtual tours, to help you make more informed decisions.

Here are the top property websites with the highest online traffic in Dubai:

Top Property Online PortalUnique Monthly Users
propertyfinder.ae4.7M (includes general classifieds)3.4M (founded by local brokers)80.3K
* (As of December 2023)

Tip #1: When reviewing the property listing, look out for listings that are labeled “TruCheckTM” on Bayut or ‘Verified’ on Property Finder. These properties have passed the verification process as genuine listings by these portals. You don’t want to waste your time on fake and duplicated listings only to find out it’s no longer available, then get pushed into another property. Oftentimes, fake listings are advertised at a much lower value just to get an inquiry.

Tip #2: You may likely find listings to be old and updated on some property websites, so even though it may list 12 properties as available, in reality only 2 are. To get the latest listings in your results, it’s best if you filter and chose “Newest” instead of “Lowest Price”. This way, you will get the latest listings first and have fewer frustrations when reaching out.

Top Property Brokers WebsitesUnique Monthly Users
bhomes.com83.3K (Dubai)67.2K
*Similarweb (As of December 2023)

Remember: Take some time to research the property market, and pay attention to the property values in your chosen area. Are they going up or down? These websites have great analytical tools to show price trends for purchases and rentals. Also, don’t forget to search with resale value in mind. A new job opportunity elsewhere or a growing family may change your idea of a perfect home.

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