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Best Smart Thermostat Dubai – Nest vs Ecobee? We Asked the Experts.

Smart Thermostat Dubai

If you are looking to upgrade your home while also saving some cash on energy bills, smart AC thermostats is a savvy investment that pays off in more ways than one.

The idea is that smart thermostat is really easy to use, and has intelligent features so that we can cut down on DEWA (utility) cost on cooling our home. Best part? You can do pretty much everything from your smartphone.

In this guide, we’ll first take a closer look at some of the top contractors in Dubai specializing in smart thermostat and home automation installations.

And, for the second part, you will get some advice from one of the contractors listed, Upkeep, to better understand the technical ins-and-outs of smart thermostats.

Now, let’s dive in.

Best Contractors – Smart Thermostat Dubai

We contacted a handful of home automation companies in Dubai to give you some insights to key areas like their quality of service and customer satisfaction, their pricing and their length of warranty.

To keep quotes comparable, we asked smart thermostat contractors for a quote to install 2 “Google Nest 3rd Gen” for an apartment in Dubai Marina.

*Quote includes 1 “Google Nest 3rd Gen” smart thermostat, 1 Compatibility Kit for Chiller HVAC System + Installation.

 Smart Thermostats ContractorsGoogle ReviewQuote*Service WarrantyProduct WarrantyAfter Warranty Site Visit
1HomeIQ4.7 78  Reviews)Total AED 1295 + vat per unit6 Months1 YearAED 250
2Sophisticave4.9 (72 Reviews)Total AED 1500 + vat per unit1 Year1 YearAED 250
3Upkeep4.9 (59 Reviews)Total AED 1350 + vat per unit3 Months1 YearAED 275
4Smart Home Technology4.7 (146 Reviews)PendingPending 1 Year Pending
5Save Your Home5 (4 Reviews)Total AED 1150 + vat per unit3 Months1 YearAED 250
Google Ratings as of May 2024

Why Warranty is Important?

Having a warranty is like having a safety net for your investment.

It gives you peace of mind knowing that you’re covered financially if anything goes wrong, and also reflects on the overall value and reliability of the contractor.

Plus, it signals that the manufacturer and contractors stand behind their product and services and are committed to ensuring they clients are happy.

All About Smart Thermostat Dubai – Let’s Ask Upkeep

If you google around, you will notice names like Google Nest and Ecobee popping up again and again, and plenty of articles to compare them.

But, which ones are available in Dubai? And, can we DIY it or is it wiser to find a professional to do it for us?

We spoke with Tanveer Anwar, Managing Director of Upkeep, to better understand what’s available in Dubai, and what to consider before buying one.

1. Smart Thermostat DubaiMost Installed Brand?

We mostly install Google Nest and Ecobee, some clients do ask for Honeywell Smart.

If you have a smaller budget but doesn’t want to compromise on quality, we also have our own factory brand of ‘Smart Thermostats’.

All these brands are compatible with UAE spec system but each brand has different requirements and cost. 

We have WIFI database for each community in Dubai and can verify system compatibility within 15-30 minutes.

Smart Thermostat Dubai on (Prices)

BrandPrice Range 
Google Nest 3rd GenAED 836  
Google Nest 4th GenAED 375  
Ecobee 6 PremiumAED 853  
Ecobee 6 EnhancedAED 659  
Ecobee 3 Lite 2nd GenAED 539  
Honeywell Smart T9AED 530  
Smart Thermostats (Factory brand)AED 250 – AED 350  

2. Smart Thermostat Dubai: Nest Gen 3 vs Nest Gen 4

What’s the difference?

Between Nest Gen 3 or Nest Gen 4, we get less complains on Nest Gen 4 as Nest Gen 3 has issues from time to time.

Here is quick breakdown:

Nest Gen 3Nest Gen 4
– 3 Fan Mode
– More expensive
– Auto Scheduling
– Solid steel with a more luxurious look
– Need skills nest technicians to replace
– Has wifi and battery issues from time to time  
– 1 Fan Mode
– Cheaper
– Setup Manually
– Good look with recycle plastic material
– Use AAA batteries
– Can easily be replaced by client
– More stable based on past experience

3. Smart Thermostat Dubai: Nest vs Ecobee?

What are the difference?

Almost both are similar in terms of features, but Ecobee’s latest premium version 6 has an air quality sensor.

Between Next Gen and Ecobee, we get less complains on Ecobee as Google Nest has issue from time to time.

4. Do we really save on DEWA?

Yes, Nest or any smart thermostat can help save energy via auto scheduling.

Smart sensors can detect if someone is around, and if no one is around, it turns off automatically. The app also has data reporting to help you understand your energy uses.

5. Can we can buy online ourselves?

You can buy online if you wish, but we recommend buying it through a contractor to avoid warranty issues. After-sale service is just as important.

6. Do we really need a technician or can we install it ourselves?

The truth is, manufacturers like Nest have made installing a smart thermostat easy that anyone can do it – even if you have little experience with any kind of wiring.

If you feel confident to give it a go, here is a guide to install it yourself.

If installing seems complicated and intimidating, go for a professional smart thermostat installer, not just any freelance HVAC technician, as bad installation can cause more issue and damage to your HVAC system. It may not help save energy.

7. What if our wifi is down, can we still control our AC manually?

Yes, you can still control it manually just like using any normal thermostats. Internet is required only if you want to control via the app remotely.

8. When is the best time to install… during or after renovation?

If you are renovating, best to install before you close off the ceiling so that your contractor can prioritize any re-wiring or civil work.

9. What are your clients’ feedback after they installed smart thermostats?

We have been installing Nest and Ecobee for the past 7 years, and never received any negative feedback. Most clients are happy with their upgrade. I don’t think any client will go back to manual once they have a taste of smart thermostats.

We also get feedback from clients that the nest’s sensor uses accurate timing for fan and cooling which really help reduces high humidity.

10. I live in a rental. Can we move our smart thermostats if we move?

Yes, you can move it to your new home.