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Best Wrapping Companies in Dubai (Updated 2024)

Vinyl Wrapping: Budget Friendly Way to Save on Renovation Cost

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Your property may not have come with the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted, but ‘wrapping’ is a creative way to upgrade an outdated kitchen without the hassle of a full renovation. To help you find the best wrapping companies in Dubai, we are sharing the ones we believe are the best on the market based on their reviews, material, installation cost and length of warranty.

So… What is Wrapping?

In Dubai, vinyl wrapping has become very popular, and for a good reason.

Vinyl wrapping is a process where a thin layer of vinyl is applied to a surface, and adhered to its contours and corners using heat guns.

It’s quick, cost-effective, and can breathe new life into your kitchen and bathroom without the need to replace any cabinets or countertop units.

Kitchen Wrapping Before & After

Source: Mayfair Wrapping Dubai

Bathroom Wrapping Before & After

Source: Yalla Wrap It Dubai

What can I Wrap?

Oh, so many things.

You can wrap kitchen cabinets, countertop, backsplash, bathroom countertops, wardrobes, windows, doors, and even fridge and dishwasher… 

Wrapping is also versatile with its designs and finishes, and has a wide range of colors, textures, patterns, and finishes to suit any design style and preferences.

The Benefits of Wrapping

  • It’s durable.
  • It’s water resistant and scratch resistant.
  • It’s designed to withstand daily wear and tear. (Lifespan of 3–5 years)
  • It’s quick to install with minimal disturbance and mess. (Usually in 1-2 days)
  • It’s completely removable, allowing you to update or change the kitchen’s style in the future.

Disadvantages of Wrapping

  • It can peel and have bubbles if not fitted correctly.
  • Small tears or punctures may be difficult to fix.
  • Vinyl wrap is not fully heat-resistant, prolonged exposure to high temperatures may cause the material to shrink or warp.
  • In areas with high levels of wear and tear (i.e. countertops), the vinyl may not hold up as well over time.

Benefits for Landlords

  • It’s affordable. About 60–80% savings to renovation costs.
  • It can increase in property and rental value by 10%-20%.
  • It’s quick to install with minimal disturbance, usually completed in 1-2 days.

How Much is Wrapping in Dubai?

We reached out to wrapping companies for quotes based on photos of a standard kitchen and bathroom for a 3-bedroom apartment.

Here is the round-up of data.

Best Wrapping Companies in Dubai – Reviews & Google Ratings 2024

CompanyGoogle Ratings1Brand Country)Kitchen CabinetKitchen CountertopBacksplashBathroom CabinetBathroom CountertopTotal2Warranty3
Creative Wrapping4.9 (361 reviews)Cover Styl (Luxemburg)260015401000100055066906 Years
Yalla Wrap It  5.0 (187 reviews)Bodaq (Korea)23009001300100045059503 Years
Mayfair Wrapping  4.9 (123 reviews)LG & Bodaq (Korea)2200130014001100inclusive60005 Years
Totally Wrapped  4.9 (106 reviews)LG & Bodaq (Korea)3200120012001150inclusive67503 Years
Wrap Zone4.9 (114 reviews)Bodaq (Korea)27901250800117045064605 Years
Wrap It Up  5.0 (49 reviews)Bodaq (Korea)297514001400122535073502 Years
360 Wrap4.7 (33 reviews)Bodaq (Korea)2650100070090025055005 Years
WeCare Wrap  4.9 (34 reviews)Bodaq (Korea)23001125112065065058453 Years
*Sorted by highest number of Google reviews. As of January 2024.

1. AED excluding 5% VAT.
2. Warranty applicable for bubbles, peel off and discoloration.

Choosing Best Wrapping Companies in Dubai

Not all wrapping companies are created equal, so choosing the right one is critical.

To get started, do the usual research… look at samples of their past work, check out their quality of their materials, and read reviews from past customers. 

A good vinyl wrapping company will usually have an extensive warranty to give you the assurance of their workmanship. The reason is clear: you want your countertop wrap to last for years, not for months. This can save you a lot of money in the long run if you ever need a replacement.

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