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How to Find the Best Real Estate Agent in Dubai

real estate agent in dubai

Trust me. There is no shortage of real estate agents in Dubai, and it’s not difficult to find one. The best real estate agent will have a wealth of knowledge and be familiar with market trends. They should also be someone you feel comfortable communicating with, who can take care of the details, and have good contacts (i.e. contractors, property managers) in case you need one.

So how do we vet and find these superpower real estate agents? And what traits should we look out for?

1. Find a Referral

A referral is probably the best way to find a good real etstae agent. If you can find a referral from a friend, family, or neighbour, it’s a good starting point to see if they fit you personally. Referrals are a great way to get first-hand insights about real people’s experiences with that agent, what they liked about them and what they didn’t.

In Dubai, Facebook groups are also popular ways to find unbiased recommendations and advice on topics related to living in Dubai. If you see the real estate agents’ names get recommended often, or if you like how they respond in these groups, view them as a good sign.

2. What’s Their Niche?

Not all agents are created equal. They have specialties. Some focus on certain communities, some focus on villas, apartments, or luxury property only. Knowing what you want will help you choose the right agent.

If you are looking to buy the villas in Arabian Ranches with an AED 3.5M budget, this will help with vetting through the agents who specialize in Arabian Ranches and in villas. When interviewing the potential agent, this agent should know the Arabian Ranches community and its villas inside and out.

If you are an investor looking to invest in a studio in Dubai Marina for short-term rental, or hotel apartments only in Dubai, you will need a different set of skillsets from investor-friendly real estate agents. They will have different insights and types of connections that you need.

3. Honest with Integrity

Generally speaking, dishonest and unethical people are just a waste of time and energy. When talking to a potential agent, you want the person you choose to have your interest at heart.  We don’t need false promises and we don’t want the stories to change to suit the circumstances, we want the real estate agent to be honest and realistic.

4. A Great Communicator & Negotiator

Many real estate agents in Dubai are well versed in serving clients from diverse backgrounds and can converse in languages like Arabic, Hindi, English, and Russian.

But asides from being multilingual, how quickly does the agent return your call or reply to your WhatsApp or email? Does the agent keep you update or do you have to keep following up about your inquiry? Do they actually listen to your property needs or just trying to push something else they have on their list?

Naturally, good communicators are good listeners, responsive, and will get back to you sooner than later. When it comes to negotiating an offer, these agents should have a more aggressive approach to closing a deal. And when surprises come up, they should also have smart strategies ready on the table.

5. Driven with Experience

A superpower agent doesn’t need to be a super-experienced agent. Oftentimes, super-experienced agents are super busy with repeat clients and referral business. They may not have the time to help you or go that extra mile.

Working with an agent who is newer can also its own advantage. They’re likely to be more motivated and eager to serve you. As they are looking to build their business and want you as their happy repeat client, they genuinely want to earn your trust and make things happen.  

Newer agents also tend to rely on their broker for advice. So, keep in mind which real estate brokers the agent works for. A seasoned real estate broker will have a solid reputation with an extensive network and long-standing relationships with top developers. Even if the agent is not as experienced, he/she still can bring you access to the best opportunities and resources.

6. Needs to be Official

Last but not least, make sure to verify the agent’s RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) broker number. A real estate agent in Dubai needs to be registered and licensed to practice in the UAE. Search for them online and see which real estate broker they represent. The broker’s website will include their background and experience. 

Just like fake listings on the property portal websites portal, there are also people out there acting as fake agents. If a potential agent doesn’t return calls at all, it could potentially be a fake listing they posted for their own marketing purpose. (see more here)

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