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Top Dubai Property Management Companies – Ratings & Property Management Fees Breakdown (Updated 2024)

dubai property management fees

Dubai property management fees. Are they high? Is it worth it? For this article, we contacted over a dozen of property management companies in Dubai to give you some insights into key areas such as their guest ratings, occupancy rates, property management fees, onboarding fees, and contract terms.

*We decided not to include all the companies we spoke with due to poor communication.

Airbnb Property Management Dubai – Reviews & Google Ratings 2024

CompanyAirBnb ReviewsRatingCurrent ListingGoogle ReviewAvg.
Occupancy Rate
Key View Dubai59284.23194.6 (774 reviews)90%30+
Deluxe Holiday Homes49344.186434.7 (1959 reviews)78% 10+
Driven Holiday Homes15744.584.4 (32 reviews)70% – 80%8+
Quintessential Quarters30024.78674.9 (375 reviews)– 1
Guest Ready13064.5744.7 (517 reviews)86%2
One Perfect Stay13774.011243.8 (168 reviews)84% – 96%40+
AirDXB5 (4 review)94%1
Sorted by Highest Number of Airbnb Reviews. As of January 2024.

You can dive in a little deeper and take a look at their past clients’ reviews on Airbnb and Google. Do they have a high number of five-star reviews? Do guests complain about lack of communication or cleanliness? How do they handle complaints? The track record of a property management company is a good indicator of how well it’s likely to perform. Whatever services the property management company offers, the most important thing to look out for is communication.

Dubai Property Management Fees

CompanyFeesAirBnb FeeOn-Boarding CostNotice PeriodTermination FeesMaintenance & Repairs
Key View Dubai15%-20%Included Starting from AED 1,00090 DaysAED 750 before 6 month contractBelow AED 250, fixes charge under rental income. Above AED 250, approval from owner to authorize repairs.
Deluxe Holiday Homes15%-20%Included                Starting from AED 2,50090 DaysNone.Below AED 500, fixes charge under rental income. Above AED 500, approval from owner to authorize repairs.
Driven Holiday Homes18%Starting from AED 1,00060 DaysNone, but any outstanding payments will be paid by landlord.Below AED 2k fixes charge under rental income. Above AED 2k, approval from owner to authorize repairs.
Shosty / Quintessential Quarters15%-20%IncludedAED 3,000 –
AED 5,000
90 DaysAED 15,000 before 6 month contractBelow AED 1k complimentary fixes, Above AED 1k, approval from owner to authorize repairs.
Guest Ready17%IncludedStarting from AED 1,0006 MonthsAED 2500 before 6 month contractBelow AED 1k, fixes charge under rental income. Above AED 1k, approval from owner to authorize repairs.
One Perfect Stay20%Included AED 1,00090 DaysNone, but cancellation charges and penalties prior to termination will be paid by landlord.Below AED 500, fixes charge under rental income. Above AED 500, approval from owner to authorize repairs.
AirDXB15.75%3%+VATAED 2,500

AED 5,000
30 DaysNone, but need to pay 50% of total fees for bookings booked while under contract, after termination date.Below AED 1k complimentary fixes, Above AED 1k, approval from owner to authorize repairs.
As of December 2022

What’s Included in the Onboarding Fees?

Almost all short-term rental management companies have an on-boarding fee which may include registering your DTCM permit*, a deep cleaning, a professional photographer, and providing linens and towels. Be sure to check what it’s mandatory and what can be provided on your own (if you want to save on cost).

*DTCM permit – annual permit ranges from AED 370 to AED 1,270 depending on property size

What’s Included in the Management Fees?

Typically, Dubai property management fees range between 15% to 20%. Some charge 15% if the daily rate is above AED 300 or for longer stays (i.e. over 30 days). Be sure to check if there are ‘set-up’ fee or ‘marketing’ fee or ‘petty cash’ requirements. We found that some companies prefer to keep fees hidden until asked, but there are companies that like to keep fees transparent and upfront.

What’s in the Contract?

It’s important to understand what services are included, what services can be performed for a cost, and what services will never be provided. So go through the contract carefully. As you can see, the property management companies above all have their own threshold amount for maintenance & repairs, and termination fees can range from AED 750 to AED 15,000!

Understand Contract Duration And Termination

Make sure you are aware of the contract’s notice period and if there are any ways to terminate the contract (for both parties). In case you have a change of mind and need a plan B, the notice period can range from 30 days to 90 days. Don’t forget to check if there are any cancellation penalties and termination fees.

Revenue Forecast

Property management companies also offer revenue projections on your property. These forecasts are based on their assumptions of industry trends, so actual performance may differ from the actual income you may get.

“Forecasts usually tell us more of the forecaster than of the future” – Warren Buffet.

To get an idea of their projections, we asked 3 property management companies for a forecast of a studio apartment in the exact same building in Dubai Marina.

CompanyAnnual Projected Income (After Fees)Occupancy Rate
AAED 64,42590%
BAED 75,18088%
CAED 76,60680%

Yes, these numbers give us a sense of the ROI we can expect, and if the property makes sense as an investment. However, would we choose a property manager based on their forecast? Probably not.

If you are serious about your research, tools like show Airbnb rental data in Dubai to investors that are comprehensive and easy to understand. Insights including average daily rates, occupancy rates, and revenue potential will help you evaluate a property’s success in a particular community.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a new property management company, or you want to switch provider, we hope this article can help you move forwards. Keep in mind that changing management companies can be costly as there may be penalties and onboarding fees (again). However, finding a quality replacement can be life-changing.

What’s your experience with property management companies in Dubai? Share with us below so our community can learn more from you!

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